Coco palm is a Thai spa pioneered by Mr. Manish Jaiswal and is slowly burgeoning into a leader in the world of massaging. So, if you desire to detoxify and have a pampering therapy then welcome to our spa.

When you come to us you are greeted by our yoga gurus with ways to stronger respiratory systems and improved body flexibility.

Soft music and earthy interiors help purge toxins and extra fluids from your body. It helps you get rid of bloating and water retention which rejuvenates your inner self.

The 60 minute aroma, Swedish, deep tissue and hot stone therapies that you get from our experienced therapists help you plunge into an inner peace that is enhanced by the arrangement of Buddha statues.

The rose body polish and standard clean up really help me regain composure after a hectic week at the office.

Since the spa is open throughout the week, for a housewife like me it is really helpful as I can feel and look younger any day I want to at reasonable rates.

All Days Open: 11.30 am - 9.30 pm

prior appointment to be taken

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Use our
‘any service for Rs 1999’ and feel exotic.

Indonesian and Thai
experts give you an awesome experience.

Top Spa Tips

  • Usage of perfume should be avoided.
  • Medical issues if any should be informed.
  • Physical activities are a strict no.

Contact Us

22, Camac Street, Block B,
Behind Camac Street Pantaloons.
       Kolkata : 700 016

+91 033 40035004

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